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Latest Foundry Equipment

Northern Stainless has invested in some of the most advanced equipment available today, including a solid-state VIP Series Induction Power Supply (fastest melt rate and greater efficiency), Next Gen 2 Mixers for enhanced energy efficiency, and a Bruker Q8 Magellan Spectrometer—a high-end optical emission spectrometer setting the industry standard for metal analysis.

Tinker Omega NexGen2 Sand Mixers

Stainless Steel Job ShopOur foundry features the Tinker Omega NexGen2 sand mixers.  A recipe management system, run by a programmable logic controller (PLC), allows the NexGen2 to mix two different kinds of sand to find the perfect mixture for any mold. The recipe management system provides our facility the adaptability to create a variety of mold sizes between 12’’ x 12’’ and 84’’ x 84’’, satisfying any customer specifications.

Q8 Magellan Spectrometer

Northern Stainless also employs a Bruker Q8 Magellan spectrometer. A high-end optical emission spectrometer, the Q8 is designed for chemical composition examination including Nitrogen analysis for super duplex alloys. With it, we can achieve chemical compositions to tight tolerance in our alloys minimizing metallurgical defects while optimizing physical properties.

Inductotherm VIP

The stainless steel melting and pouring operation is the most critical step in ensuring a quality casting. Predetermined procedures must be followed consistently to control variables in the melting and pouring process. The integrity of the alloys Northern Stainless pours is the backbone of our end product. The Inductotherm VIP induction furnace are a key component in our stainless steel melting process.

Our Inductotherm VIP system runs at 600 kW and features an impressive 2000 lb. furnace. Additionally, our meld deck is equipped with a powerful 450 kW Pillar Mark VIII with 1,300 lb. furnace and a 275 kW Pillar Mark V with 500 lb. and 1,000 lb. furnaces.

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