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American Foundry with SFSA Membership

Northern Stainless is an American foundry proud to hold membership in the Steel Founders’ Society of America (SFSA). Below you will find helpful information about SFSA, as well as the American Foundry Society (AFS).

Steel Founders’ Society of America

Sand Casting Supplier USAThe Steel Founders’ Society of America (SFSA) is a trade organization representing North American steel foundries, and was founded in 1902. Its regular members come from the United States, Canada and Mexico, and it also offers associate membership to international foundries.

Membership to SFSA is for companies, not individuals, and is offered only to steel casting producers. Benefits of membership include yearly research funding from membership dues, as well as from the US Department of Defense and Department of Energy; research done at leading universities and the published findings available for members only; and sponsorship for customer education, as well as a yearly survey of castings by end-use.

American Foundry Society

The American Foundry Society (AFS) is a not-for-profit association designed to serve both US and international members of the metal casting industry. AFS was founded in 1896, and provides advocacy services in Washington D.C., offers continuing technical education, and performs pioneering research to the industry.

Membership to AFS is granted to both companies and individuals and is spread across three markets: metal casting producers, metal casting suppliers, and buyers for OEMs. Membership is also extended for students as future leaders of the industry.

Benefits of AFS membership include governmental advocacy, annual research with a $15M budget, consultation services for its members on all aspects of the industry, and marketing assistance.

Contact the SFSA member foundry at Northern Stainless today for a free quote regarding your metal casting needs.

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