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Valve Casting Manufacturer

Steel Castings for Valve OEMs

The secondary focus at Northern Stainless is castings for the valve manufacturing industry. As with pump castings, valve castings require highly complicated designs and alloys. Our expertise in short run, pressure-containing castings in multiple metal grades allows us to meet and exceed our OEM valve customers’ expectations.

Valve Casting ManufacturerNorthern Stainless primarily manufactures inline valve castings for the OEM valve industry. We also cast strainer bodies, as well as butterfly and ventilator valves. Valve castings serve an array of industries including chemical, oil and gas, and nuclear.

Valve Casting Alloys

We meet and exceed our customers’ specifications for exceptional casting finishes, quality and dimensional accuracy. Frequent materials purchased from Northern Stainless include steel, Ni-Resist cast irons and corrosion-resistant alloys.

Pressure Testing and NDT

Because we serve our client’s requirements above all, every valve casting made at Northern Stainless is pressure tested and often put through non-destructive testing (NDT) to check the integrity of our products. We guarantee no leaking from any product we manufacture.

Additionally, we employ MAGMASOFT during the design phase to ensure the highest level of quality. A combination of sand mixtures and a special washes are used on our valve castings for unparalleled finishes. The result is premium quality valve castings for our customers.

A Trusted Job Shop Foundry in United States

Our dedication to delivering quality castings to our customers makes Northern Stainless a trusted name to valve OEMs. Excellence in both our products and our customer service is the only standard by which we judge our work. Our facility and processes are designed to provide certified machined components meeting every requirement listed.

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