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Solidification Modeling

Casting Process Optimization

Building an accurate pattern is the first step to a dimensionally sound casting. A sound casting yields a satisfied customer. Casting to customer specifications is only half of the discussion, though. Getting an accurate casting to the customer in an expeditious manner is just as important.

Solidification modeling through MAGMASOFT addresses both. Casting process optimization ensures we get as accurate a casting as possible as fast as possible.

Casting Simulation with MAGMASOFT

Dynamic Solidification ModelMAGMASOFT is solidification modeling software designed to optimize the casting process by simulating it on a computer. A 3-D model of the pattern or part is created and simulations are run to find potential problems, of which porosity level, turbulence in the gating system an air entrapment are just a few. Analysis is then used to optimize the gating design and recommend casting design improvements when allowed.

Solidification modeling is intended to optimize every step of metal casting. By running a casting simulation, there is no need for the traditional prototyping phase. A 3-D model replaces a physical piece, eliminating the manufacturing cost and time of making actual casting.

Benefits of Casting Process Simulation

Northern Stainless uses solidification modeling to cut both time and cost from the initial quote to final product delivery. Start-up costs are diminished and lead times are shortened. Ongoing production costs are also reduced by optimizing contact sizes, yield and rework.

When using solidification modeling, there is no guesswork for the actual casting. Solidification modeling avoids the time (and money) consuming trial-and-error process associated with prototyping and casting. Once the kinks are worked out in MAGMASOFT, the pattern goes straight to casting development – efficiency at its finest.

Contact the solidification modeling technicians at Northern Stainless today for a quality, accurate metal casting.

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