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Foundry Capabilities

Flexible Job Shop

Steel Foundry CapabilitiesWhile we predominately pour stainless steel alloys, our facility is fully capable of pouring gray iron, ductile iron, nickel base, non-leaded bronzes and low carbon steels.

As for the size of castings we pour, everything besides our bronze alloys has a pour weight capacity of 4,000 lbs. which usually translates into castings of 2,000 lbs. or less, depending on yield. For bronze alloys, our pour weight capacity is 1,000 lbs., and the resulting yield is usually 500 lbs. or less.

Our specialty is in short run, pressure-containing castings requiring multiple grades of metal. Steps of our process can be rearranged or removed, contingent on the customer’s specifications. Our flexibility as a job shop foundry allows us to provide superior service to our customers.

Foundry Services Offered

Northern Stainless is widely known for alloy casting, but our advanced facility provides us the ability to offer other services including:

  • Pattern Construction
  • Rough Machining
  • Finished Machining
  • Certified non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Prototyping

Our steel casting facility makes us a one-stop-job-shop. Whatever your need might be, Northern Stainless will meet it.

Technology in our Facility

Our facility is equipped with the latest foundry technology available, allowing Northern Stainless to meet any requirements of a customer. Below is a list of technologies we utilize.

  • Pattern Shop
  • IMF mold loop with rollover
  • Tinker TOM-125 Mixer with NextGen2 controls
  • Tinker TOM-250 Mixer with NextGen2 controls
  • Tinker TOM-550 Mixer with NextGen2 controls
  • 205 kW, 450 kW, & 600 kW induction furnaces
  • 60" table blast
  • 52" table / spinner blast
  • Sand blast booth
  • Arc-air and saw cut off
  • Swing grinding
  • Cellular grinding booths
  • Upgrade center
  • NDT Inspection Station
  • Pressure Testing Station
  • Hydro Testing Station
  • Metallurgy Lab
  • Metrology Room


Popular Alloys Used By Our Foundry

Stainless Steels Cast Iron Nickel Base Steel Bronze
904L CF8M 60-40-18 CW12MW 4130 C875
CA15 CG3M 65-45-12 CW2M 60-30 C878
CA40 CG6MMn CL25 CW6M 70-36 C903
CA6NM A CG8M CL30 CW6MC 90-60 C907
CB7CU-1 CN3MN CL35 CY40 LC1 C954
CD3MCUN CN7M CL40 CZ100 LC2 C955
CD3MWCuN CU5MCUC D2W Hastalloy G LCC C964
CD4MCU D9106 D3 M-30C U-60-30  
CD4MCUN Durcomet 5 D5B M30H WC6  
CD6MN Ferralium Ni-Hard 1A M35-1 WCA  
CE3MN HF Ni-Hard 2B N-7M WCB  
CE8MN HH Ni-Hard ID NC14    
CF10SMnN HK NR1 SuperTherm    
CF16FA HT NR2      
CF3 HU NR2B      
CF3M IC 316F        
CF8 Worthite A        
CF8C X-Cavalloy        
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