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Certified Stainless Steel Foundry

ISO, ASME and NDT Certifications

Northern Stainless has an array of national and international certifications, allowing us to deliver superior steel casting products and services to our customers. Our attention to detail and focus on quality at Northern Stainless is seen in our various certifications, including ISO 9000 family, ASME Section IX Welding, NAVSEA and NDT-LPI.

ISO 9000 Certified Job Shop

Certified Stainless Steel FoundryISO 9000 is a quality management system designed to aid businesses in achieving maximum potential, both in terms of customer service and product delivery.

Northern Stainless is a proud ISO 9001:2015 certified steel foundry, demonstrating of our commitment to excellence (our top priority), as well our commitment to continual improvement.

Avoiding waste through ISO 9001:2015 ensures we deliver the highest possible quality steel castings to our customers with outstanding service.

Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU

The Pressure Equipment Directive contains in its Annex I the Essential Requirements that a pressure equipment or assembly must meet when placed and/or put into service on the EU market. It does not indicate how these requirements must be met, thus leaving flexibility to manufacturers as regards technical solutions to be adopted.

ASME Section IX Welding Certification

ASME Section IX (also called ASME 9) is a welding and brazing qualification. Northern Stainless is ASME Section IX certified, allowing us to utilize Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), Gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), or Gas metal arc welding (GMAW). Our welding and brazing acumen, including NACE Hardness surveys, has been approved by an American Welding Society (AWS) senior welding inspector, confirming our dedication to the highest standards of the metal casting industry.

American Bureau of Shipping

The ABS Type Approval process provides design verification and manufacturing assessment that confirms products meet applicable industry standards and class requirements.  Northern Stainless is approved for the manufacture of Steel Casting and Other and Bronze Casting and Stainless Steel Casting and Cast Iron Casting components for marine applications.  ABS T2139306

NDT – Liquid Penetrant Inspection Foundry Control

Northern Stainless performs liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) in house as a foundry control. LPI is a cost-effective method of defect assessment in the surface of non-porous materials.

LPI detects surface imperfections such as porosity, as well as hairline and fatigue cracks on in-use components. Delivering an order with flaws to our customers is simply unacceptable.

Contact Northern Stainless, an ISO 9000 certified steel casting foundry, for all your custom metal casting needs. 

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